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Cooking Marijuana Top Chefs from around the world prepare fabulous meals to enhance the flavor and experience of dinning.Cookbooks and blogs”

4Guys w/carts

Comedy: 4 broke guys get together each week for a round of golf, playing on a private course. They bring a 12 pack of beer and an overview of their week. They wait until the owner takes off and then they each hijack a golf cart. They know someday they will be caught, but in the meantime it’s all laughs. Filmed at the Hillcrest Event Center in the greater Quad Cities Area.

Band Makeover

The show seeks out band’s that just have not made it yet, mainly because they don’t have the right image. A team of professional stylists, fashion designers and PR coaches come in and give a “Band Makeover”. The show ends with a musical performance with the band’s new image and feedback from fans.

About Us

dakdan entertainment is a brand entertainment marketing agency that creates, produces, and distributes television shows over multiple media outlets to maximize brands’ marketing dollars. By creating entertainment brands for clients, the programming dakdan entertainment creates validates the idea that advertisers can produce and sponsor original entertainment and own their audience, rather than lease them.


American Arm Wrestlers

Documentary Sports Feature and Series American Arm Wrestlers gives the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at American Arm Wrestlers events. Travel with Bill Collins, six-time world champion.

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Midwest Bikers

Lifestyle and Travel Explore the Midwest and Midwest Biker Events, travel with “Pipes”, the Midwest number one Biker Emcee. This series will take you through some of the Heartland’s favorite biker hang outs and festivals while enjoying some of America’s greatest scenery.

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Flipping Cars

Travel beautiful Colorado up and down Interstate 25, watching Mike flip cars from dealer to dealer. Great scenery, great characters, and a lot of crazy dealing.