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Celebrity Fish N Fire brings the energy of a chef and a fishing guide together on the open water and over a hot grill. Chef Antonio is an award winning Canadian Chef with a passion for fishing, his flourishing business catering for movie sets (Total Recall, Robo Cop, Nikita, Pompeii) and their stars has seen him become one of the most sought after Chef’s in the Chef’s in the entertainment business. Fishing Guide Shawn Degagne is an extremely skilled pro fishing guide in Canada for over 20 years, an avid outdoorsman and former professional hockey player (drafted ’97 – New York Rangers). Show cover Travel, Fishing, Cooking, Competition and Charities.

Documentary Sports Feature and Series
American Arm Wrestlers gives the viewer a behind the scenes look at American Arm Wrestlers events.  Travel with Bill Collins, six time world champion. This series will take you through some of America’s favorite locations; you will meet some of the world’s greatest arm wrestlers and see the events from beginning to end of the oldest sport in world.

Come and explore some of the greatest stadiums and arenas food operations in the United States. Meet the Executive Chefs that “Feed Thousands”. Watch as they prepare for game day and delight you with food fit for demanding sports fans. Get a behind the scenes look of Stadium food operations in action, see the planning that goes into each game, the food products that are purchased and the delivery system to every fan.

Lifestyle and Travel
Explore the Midwest and Midwest Biker Events, travel with “Pipes” the Midwest number one Biker Emcee. This series will take you through some of the Heartland’s favorite biker hang outs and festivals while enjoying some of American’s greatest scenery.

Reality Adventure Series
Just outside the small town of Orion, IL there sits a beautiful 40 acre Golf and Camping resort. This summer a new reality show “American Resort” is shooting on the premises as a family fights to build up what the economy has torn down. Building on the foundations of the established Resort to create The Hillcrest Event Center, which if all goes well, will in the not too distant future be one of the Quad-Cities Premier out door event centers.

Documentary Series
Meet the “Midwest Chefs”; the show explores the heartland and gives you a glimpse of Five Star Chefs lives. Check out the cooking skills and food preparation that will provide a treat for the restaurant goers. The show looks at the food they cook, the restaurants they run, and the customer’s opinions on it all.

Documentary Series
Great American Food Producers explores America’s farmers, manufactures and processors; the show takes the viewer thorough the entire process of getting food to America’s tables.

Real Estate Reality Series
Open for business presents entrepreneurs starting a new business and preparing a new location that will “Open for Business” From laying out the business plan, to finding a location, to the build out, to opening the doors for the first time.  A follow-up is done three months later to see the progress and how the business plan is progressing.

Reality: Competition – Entertainment
The premise of our show is a wedding DJ competition highlighting all the different aspects of entertaining guests at weddings and other events. These skills will range from music knowledge, to complying with requests; to focusing on the audience and keeping them entertained while keeping the clients happy.  Eight DJs will be selected per show to compete in five elimination rounds ranging from loading and unloading equipment, correcting sound and technical issues, and knowledge of various genres of music. The final three DJs will be judged by the client and the winner will be DJ’ing the client’s party.  “YOUR SCRATCHED”

4 broke guys get together each week for a round of golf, they play on a private course. They bring with them a 12 pack of beer and an overview of their week. They wait until the owner takes off and then they each hijack a golf cart. They know someday they will be caught, but in the meantime it’s all laughs. Filmed at the Hillcrest Event Center in the greater Quad Cities Area.

Indy Car Garage
Documentary Series
Take a look inside the fasted sport on wheels. The show follows Indy Car drivers and their race team as they prepare for race day. The fast pace and interworking of the Indy car garage and the technology that goes into racing and the action in the pit.

Documentary Series
The show makes up a collection of sports videos uploaded to the sports social network. Sport fans upload videos of live action sports they collect from around the globe. A collection of crashes, bloopers, victories, mishaps and any other great footage.

Documentary Series
Classic cars are resurrected from America’s junkyards and completely reconditioned from top to bottom. Meet the A Team; a world-class car picker, this guy knows everything about every car that’s ever been made. Master mechanic that has no problem tearing things apart and putting them back together like new. A body man that knows what a body curve looks and feels like. These guys bring back to life America’s classic cars and have a lot of fun along the way.

The show seeks out bands that just have not made it yet, mainly because they don’t have the right image. A team of professional stylists, fashion designers and PR coaches come in and give a “Band Makeover”. The show ends with a musical performance with the bands new image and feedback from fans.

Travel to America’s greatest sporting events with The rich and famous,  that will give you a behind the scenes look at major sporting events, the pre-game activities, parties, suites access, and  the celebrations, along with exclusive access to events and areas that fans generally don’t get to see.

Travel  beautiful Colorado up and down Interstate 25 watching Mike flip cars from dealers to dealers. Great scenery great characters, and a lot of crazy dealing

Cooking Marijuana
Top Chefs from around the world prepare fabulous meals the enhance the flavor and experience of dinning.
Cookbooks and blogs

Enter the booming business of marijuana farming, we go undercover to hemp farms and explore the back room operations, farming security issues, and some pretty hairy events.

The show finds struggling 9 hole golf  courses and resorts in America and turn them around with a professional team through capital investment and a strong business plan. Show Appeal to the active lifestyles, health, wellness, and the business community audience with featured “lifestyle” segments, golfing, designing, relationships, travel and events.

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